BROOKLYN - Students in Brooklyn were visited by a Holocaust survivor to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Holocaust survivor Jehuda Lindenblatt spoke to students at Shulamith School for Girls in Manhattan Beach Thursday. Lindenblatt was only 7 years old when he first witnessed the Nazi takeover in Budapest.

Rabbi Klammer, of the Shulamith School for Girls, says it is more meaningful to students to get out of the classroom to learn about the Holocaust from someone who was there.

"To hear the person, to see their face, to see Jehuda when his voice went up and to hear him cry, that's more real than reading in a textbook or history book," says Rabbi Klammer.

Lindenblatt says survivors are an endangered species and soon their stories are all that will be left.

Some students say they are determined to make sure no one ever forgets.

“We can continue telling it to our children and telling it to people that won’t be able to hear them speak when they’re not alive anymore," says 11th-grader Kellie Broyn. "People who won’t be able to see them and speak to them and understand they're human just like us and it’s true, it really happened."