BAY RIDGE - A homeless couple has lived in a park in Bay Ridge for the last two years, keeping it clean as they search for work.

Chris and Tammy were living in Pennsylvania when Chris says he fell on hard times.

Chris, who was originally from Bay Ridge, says he had the idea to come back in search of work partly because of New York's public transportation.

But neither has been able to find a steady job. Tammy says she panhandles by the highway while Chris says he collects cans and sells salvaged goods.

Three times a week, the couple clears the park of trash and debris.

"This is what I call my house," Chris says. "People throw garbage over the fence. I say there are five garbage cans; pick it up."

The couple sleeps on benches in the park during the summer and in subway cars in the winter. They say being homeless is dangerous and that they sleep in shifts.

They've also been able to find showers and restrooms around the neighborhood and have been able to keep themselves fed. 

"I'm not proud of this," Chris says, but the couple says they're grateful for the respect they receive from the community and hope the city can do more to aid people in their position.