BROOKLYN - Families living in homeless shelters say the city isn't doing enough to help them move back into the community.

Lucia Sotomayer, her six children and two grandchildren have been living in a shelter for more than a year.  She says she lost her home during Sandy, and could never regain financial footing.

Sotomayer says she is desperate to move into a place of her own, but she says the Department of Housing is moving too slow.

She also says that the conditions her family are living in are horrible, including rodent feces in a crib, on the kitchen counter and near the silverware.

Kareen White, who also lives in a shelter with her children, says she's been getting the run around from the city for months.

Mayor Bill de Blasio promised that moving people out of shelters and into apartments paid for by the city would be a top priority.  However, these families say they feel like they have been forgotten.

Mayor de Blasio's office responded by saying, "The city has invested $1 billion in new funds to support homeless individuals and families in need. We are aggressively working to register more landlords to house families and individuals who are ready to exit shelter. We take these matters seriously. We will review these specific cases."