SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Some Sheepshead Bay residents are upset over tractor trailers taking up valuable parking spaces on residential streets.

"It's not a pleasant sight," says Knapp Street resident Mike Rubenfeld. "Nothing nice to look at. I don't even know why they're here. I feel they should go where they belong."

State Sen. Carl Kruger says the truck drivers are steamrolling the law because they know their vehicles are just too big to be towed. He faults trucking companies for paying drivers' parking tickets. The lawmaker believes drivers are literally taking their work home.

"No commercial truck, unless making a delivery, is supposed to be parked on a street in the city of New York. And they are," Kruger says.

He wants residents to take down license plate numbers and note the name of the company on the truck. Kruger says the information should then be turned over to the NYPD or 311.