BROOKLYN - Police are investigating the possibility that a body found partially dismembered on Long Island is that of a missing Brooklyn woman.

According to the husband of 27-year-old Chinelle Latoya Browne, of Brownsville, he last spoke with his wife on Saturday when she was having an issue with her landlord involving the lights. He claims that the landlady told him Tuesday that the two had a physical altercation and that she gave his wife a "lashing" with her hand.

Her husband Dale Browne, who lives in Guyana, also tells News 12 that an officer told him that police strongly believe the body discovered in Bay Shore is his wife, but they are waiting on DNA confirmation. Browne says police took a DNA sample from his wife's sister who lives in Queens to see if there is a match.

On Thursday night, police discovered a severed arm in the yard of a Hempstead home and found another arm about half a mile away, both about 25 miles from where the body was discovered Tuesday.

Investigators, including those from the Suffolk County Crime Laboratory, were at the Hempstead scene for several hours Friday morning, combing through garbage. They were seen pulling out and bagging up a bottle of bleach. They also carried several evidence bags back to their vehicles, but there is no word on what they contained.

Police say they can confirm that there is a connection between the arms and body they found. However, they are still investigating if the body found is Chinelle Browne.

Browne moved to New York from Guyana about a year ago. Her husband and four young children were planning on joining her soon.