BROOKLYN - The family of a Brooklyn woman who was hit and killed by a car last July is suing the NYPD and the driver involved in the accident.

According to Jacob Stevens, he watched as his wife, Clara Heyworth, was run down by a car on Vanderbilt Avenue in Fort Greene. He believes the driver, Anthony Webb, was drunk at the time, but says a Breathalyzer wasn't administered until an hour after the accident and that he blew a .07.

Heyworth's family also says the Breathalyzer hadn't been calibrated in four years, making it inadmissible in court. They also claim that the NYPD's accident investigation team didn't show up until days later and that any evidence had been destroyed by that time.

Stevens says they want Mayor Michael Bloomberg to create a task force to overhaul traffic enforcement procedures and ensure harsher penalties for drivers involved in fatal pedestrian accidents.