BROOKLYN - The chess players at I.S. 318 are celebrating victory for the second year in a row after testing their skills at the Garodnick Challenge.

Last year, the chess team won the National Junior High Chess Championship in Sacramento. The second annual challenge took place Saturday, and I.S. 318 was victorious again.

More than 350 students from all over the city tested their skills at the challenge. Some officials at the competition say that chess is about more than just a good time.

?Chess teaches kids to think. Chess teaches kids to reason,? vice president of Chess in the Schools Carole King says. ?Chess teaches kids to plan ahead. Studies show chess improves their math abilities and reading skills.?

The team members from I.S. 318 say they have their sights set on a championship in Dallas. ?This is our last chance to work out any kinks we have,? Coach John Galvin says. ?Practice a little bit with playing for time.?

I.S. 318 took home the award for most overall points. With the school year coming to a close, chess season will soon end as well. However, organizers say they do have another tournament coming up in June for rookie players.