BROOKLYN - Fans who watched Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago take each other on in cricket Saturday said it was the most anticipated match of the year.

The game, held at Floyd Bennett Field, was the final match of the Ed Ahmad Caribbean Cricket Competition. Spectators said it was a way to show how expatriates from those countries brought their heritage and sportsmanship to the U.S. Many Americans, however, are unfamiliar with the rules of the game.

Some at the tournament said the game is similar to baseball, but instead of a pitcher and batter, there is a bowler and two batsmen. The goal is still to score runs.

Fans and players admit it?s more than just a game. They say there?s an inherited rivalry between the two teams, like the Mets and Yankees.

Organizers said Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana are the best two teams that have ever faced off.

In the end, Guyana came out on top of the 13th annual tournament Saturday. It won the cup along with a donation from the sponsor of the event.