BROOKLYN - Business owners and residents on Myrtle Avenue say an interruption to their water service has inconvenienced their daily lives and has even taken a financial toll on their businesses.

Residents say the Department of Design and Construction has suspended the water service between Classon and Grand Avenue, often without much notice, several times over the past month.

For businesses that sell food and beverages, the impact of water shutdown is especially difficult because owners say their water coolers need to reach a certain temperature to keep food and drinks cold.

They say the cutoff period can sometimes extend up to eight hours, usually during peak working periods.

Many people who work in the area say the water shortage has made it difficult to use the restroom or wash their hands.

Residents say at times they only have access to cold water.

They say it's been a difficult period not just because of the inconvenience of having no water, but also because of poor communication with city officials.

One resident claims that water was shut off for three to four hours because management forgot to turn it back on.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Design and Construction for comments about the issue. So far, there has been no response.