BROOKLYN - An extensive investigation by federal agents into the NYPD continued this week.

As of Friday, nine NYPD officer have been placed on modified duty after five officers were accused of taking money and elaborate trips from two businessmen in exchange for favors and police escorts.

Authorities say the two men, Jeremy Rechberg and Jona Rechnitz, have ties to the mayor's campaign.

New claims regarding the mayor emerged this week. News 12 is told the feds are now looking into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s relationship with animal rights activists and the money they donated to his campaign.

Alex "Shaya" Lichtenstein, a member of Shomrim, a neighborhood watch group in Borough Park, was arrested on bribery and conspiracy charges after allegedly trying to bribe a police officer.

That officer in turn recorded him admitting to getting gun licenses for about 150 people in the past, in exchange for cash. As a result, three NYPD officer have been transferred from the license division.

Mayor de Blasio is insisting he will cooperate in the investigation that sources say is far from over.

"Everything we've done in my administration has been open and transparent and any of the organizations who've been supporting me have been open and transparent there's just nothing else to say," says Mayor de Blasio.