BROOKLYN - A Queens woman is asking Brooklyn residents to help find the suspect who she says left her with 2,000 stitches across her body: her husband.

Jennifer Altman says 23-year-old Dartanyan Kingsberry slashed her with a boxcutter Friday morning near the Queens-Brooklyn border. She says she was attacked after telling him that she wanted to leave their marriage. They were married for two months.

“His words were, ‘If i can't have you, nobody can have you…Think you are pretty? You are not going to be pretty anymore,’” Altman says.

Altman, 26, says police told her that she cannot get an order of protection against her husband until he is captured.

Her 2,000 stitches include 700 to her face. She is urging Kingsberry to turn himself in.

Police say Kingsberry has not been since the crime occurred. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to call 1-800-577-TIPS.