BROOKLYN - A joint campaign is under way among elected officials and local straphangers to restore the B64 bus.

State Assemblyman William Colton and the Bensonhurst West End Community Council are spearheading the effort after the MTA began stopping the bus route that ran south of 25th Avenue from Bensonhurst to Coney Island in June 2010.

Some Bensonhurst residents complain that the change is an inconvenience and have started a petition.

Residents also point out that the stop is outside a co-op that houses 360 families. The next-closest bus stop for those 1,500 residents is 10 minutes away.

Colton says, ?The money they?re saving is a very short-term saving to the MTA. Very little compared to the damage they are doing to the quality of life of the people of this neighborhood.

The MTA says that affected customers can use the nearby B82 bus and that it isn't considering bringing back the discontinued route.

Riders aren't only ones affected by MTA cuts