BROOKLYN - Brooklyn residents were dancing, eating and shopping in the streets on Sunday at the 39th annual Brighton Beach Jubilee.

Hundreds of vendors lined Brighton Beach and Coney Island avenues for the one-day festival.

Organizer Pat Singer said she was compelled to organize the event years ago when the neighborhood was going through a period of blight.

"I started this in 1977 because the area was going down the tubes," Singer said. "And we had prostitution and drugs and deterioration. We were becoming a victim of neighborhood deterioration and I said, 'I love this neighborhood.'"

The Brighton Neighborhood Association has helped clean up the area, which boasts a diverse range of people and cuisine.

"Brighton Beach is a Russian community, it's got Spanish people, it's got middle Eastern people -- we're very global and I think this is a celebration of our diversity," Singer said. "I'm proud of the evolving culture and diversity that we have here in Brighton Beach now, especially our food."