BROOKLYN - For the first time Monday, jurors in the trial of Cesar Rodriguez, who is accused of killing Nixzmary Brown, heard the accused describe how he beat his stepdaughter.

The prosecution played the videotaped statement Rodriquez gave to police on the day Brown was found dead. Jurors watched and listened as Rodriquez described how the 7-year-old would make him so angry he would throw her.

Rodriguez also said on the tape hours before Brown died, she broke his printer and took a yogurt from the refrigerator without permission. He described how he put her head under the faucet and then threw her on the floor.

Rodriguez told police she made noises that sounded like she couldn?t breathe and was later found dead.

The prosecution also showed pictures of Brown?s body to the jurors. Prosecutors plan to wrap up their case this week with testimony from the medical examiner. If convicted, Rodriguez faces 25 years to life in prison.