BROOKLYN - A tenant in NYCHA's Sheepshead Bay houses says there's been no heat in his apartment for months.

Kelly Buxton says he reported the problem to 311 more than once, and logged each complaint on his computer.

He's been using a space heater in the bathroom and turns on the oven to warm up in the morning, he says.

"I have a medical condition, and I am on disability, and it's not fair that I have to sit here and breathe gas in all night because they refuse to put heat on the apartment," Buxton says.

NYCHA says it's going to investigate the issue. 

Whether renters live in public housing or not, they should report heat issues to 311 if the landlord does not resolve the issue.

Landlords have specific guidelines they're required to follow regarding when to provide heat. If the temperature drops below 55 degrees outside, it must be at least 68 degrees inside.

If it's less than 40 degrees outside, it needs to be at least 55 degrees inside.