BROOKLYN - A group of dog owners from Kensington is circulating a petition to have a dog park in the neighborhood where pets could run free, but not all residents are on board with the plan.

Many owners say they have to drive all the way to Prospect Park if they want to give their pooches some time off the leash. That is why members of the Support Dog Run group are looking to establish a dog run. One location under consideration is Windsor Terrace.

Neighbors say they already have problems with dogs in the area.

"You go out in your backyard on a nice summer day, and all of a sudden you smell dog feces and you say, 'It's the lazy dog owners that don't pick up,'" says Paul Treyman.

Kensington dog owners say they will establish a board that will be in charge of maintaining the future dog park.

"Location is [the] biggest obstacle," says Sean Casey, of the Sean Casey Animal Shelter. "Nobody wants a dog park next to their house."