BROOKLYN - Education officials and community members are battling to determine the fate of a landmarked building in Sunset Park.

The empty Fourth Avenue building, built in 1886, could be used as a new school or as a community center.

It was formerly an NYPD precinct building, according to the executive director of the Sunset Park Business Improvement District.

To build a school, the city would have to demolish the historical building. Opponents say a new school on the lot wouldn't be large enough to accommodate all of the 1,900 seats education officials say are needed to ease overcrowding in the area.

The site would only support 300 students, critics say.

Community activists want to restore and preserve the building as a community center. It's currently owned by a private developer.

The Department of Education says that it's only in the planning stages of the possible demolition plan, but that the 300 added seats would still help ease overcrowding.