SUNSET PARK - ? The last-remaining hospitalized NYPD officer injured during a shootout at a hostage situation in Sheepshead Bay Saturday is still under observation, but is set to be released soon.

Detective Michael Keenan is at Lutheran Medical Center and is due to be sent home sometime soon. Two other officers, Capt. Al Pizzano and Michael Granahan, were released yesterday, and Detective Kenneth Ayala was released this afternoon.

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the officers were responding to a call at 3301 Nostrand Ave. where 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth was allegedly holding his pregnant girlfriend and their baby hostage in his apartment. After his girlfriend managed to escape with the child, the police entered the apartment and Foxworth opened fire. Kelly said Foxworth's weapon was illegal and an arsenal of illegal guns was found in his apartment.

Foxworth was formally charged Sunday with attempted murder, assault on a police officer, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing. He was seriously injured when the officers fired back and is being treated at Kings County Hospital.

Marine Park in shock after NYPD shootingMan charged in shootings of NYPD officers during hostage situation