MANHATTAN - Family and friends gathered Saturday night at the Manhattan nightclub where missing woman Laura Garza was last seen one month ago.

The vigil marked the first time Garza?s mother spoke out about the disappearance of her daughter. Speaking in Spanish, Garza?s mother said she wants to believe her daughter is still alive. Garza was last seen leaving Marquee nightclub in Chelsea with registered sex offender Michael Mele, of Orange County.

Garza?s mother, along with Garza?s brothers Nicholas and Ivan, visited Mele in jail and demanded answers from him about what happened the night Garza disappeared. According to Nicholas Garza, Mele refused to answer any questions the family asked him.

Police say they found a machete, a woman?s shoe and blood stains in Mele?s SUV during their investigation. Mele is being held in jail on unrelated charges.

Garza?s mother finished her public speech with a plea to Mele?s mother for help.

"As a mother she should feel the pain she's feeling to please ask her son to help find her daughter," a translator says.