BROOKLYN - Lawmakers and Sept. 11 first responders gathered in Coney Island Monday to garner support to pass the Zadroga Act.

First responders dealing with chronic health issues as a result of their efforts on Sept. 11 and after have been urging the federal government to pass Zadroga so they can receive medical care.

Joined by several City Council members, U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan says he is confident the bill will get passed, but until it is, he wants to remind people of its importance.

Some of the first responders at the rally say they ran to help victims at Ground Zero on Sept. 11, and they did not know the consequences and health implications they would later face. Their medical problems range from cancer to respiratory problems.

Without the financial assistance for treatment, some say their families will crumble into debt.

Donovan is headed back to Washington, D.C. and says he hopes the extension of the Zadroga Act will be passed by the end of the year, or even by the end of the week.