BROOKLYN - A teen?s family has filed a lawsuit over police officers allegedly Tasering their son four times last summer.

The lawsuit coincides with a new program starting Wednesday that allows thousands of sergeants to add Tasers to their belts.

Earlier this week, 68 percent of people who answered News 12 Brooklyn?s question about Tasers were in favor of the program, saying that using Tasers instead of drawing guns would help save more lives.

However, a man was shocked and killed by a Taser on Tuesday, sparking the Lombard family to sue over their 18-year-old son Alexander?s encounter with police last August. Lombard family members say they can?t help but think about what could have happened to their son.

According to Alexander?s father, a retired NYPD police lieutenant, his son was Tasered four times while at a barbecue, resulting in Alexander having permanent scars. Alexander?s father also says that the officers used excessive force, and that his son did not resist arrest. Additionally, Alexander?s father says the officers used a nightstick to put his son in a chokehold. He also accuses the officers of covering up the incident.

Now, Alexander?s family is filing a civil lawsuit, claiming they want justice for their son. They also say they want to prevent any other incidents like this from happening to anyone else.

The Lombard family is seeking monetary damages, but they will let a jury decide how much they should get. They also want the officers involved to be sent to prison.

As of now, only supervisors and trained officers will be carrying Tasers on their belts.