BROOKLYN - A Manhattan Beach high school teacher has been arrested for allegedly bringing an air rifle to class. 

According to police, 53-year-old Vilma Lataladdi, who works as an English teacher at Leon M. Goldstein High School, brought the air rifle and a toy revolver to work with her on Wednesday. 

Several people who say they are her students, tell News 12 that the situation has been blown out of proportion. They claim the toy gun was brought in so that Lataladdi’s senior English class could act out a play. However, authorities would not confirm if that's the case. 

Lataladdi is facing charges for criminal possession of a weapon, prohibited use of a weapon and unlawful use of a weapon on school grounds. 

She was taken to Coney Island Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. 

A Department of Education spokesperson says that the air guns were confiscated, and that police were called in and the matter is under investigation.