BROOKLYN - Crews were out filming a movie in Coney Island Sunday that stars an ex-con who is hoping for a second chance at acting.

Actor Lillo Brancato is a main character in the zombie biker film that has iconic Coney Island as its backdrop. Brancato starred in "A Bronx Tale" and also appeared on "The Sopranos," but has become known for his role in a serious crime.

Off-duty NYPD Officer Daniel Enchautegui was killed during a botched robbery near his Bronx home, and Brancato was involved, although he was not the shooter. He served eight years in jail. He says his pain pill additiction at the time caused his life to spin out of control.

Brancato's turbulent past was insignificant to the film's director, Eric Rivcas. "The guy happens to be good, and the guy happens to be known," Rivas said. "I know he's been through a lot, but I saw this as a little bit of a redemption for him."

While Brancato admits to poor judgment in the past, he says he's ready to turn over a new leaf and deserves a second change just like anyone else.

"I really am trying to be a good person, which I am," he told News 12. "And this is what I want to be and, you know, at one point in my life, my judgment was clouded."

Brancato's next film will center around prescription drug abuse.