EAST NEW YORK - Police say a little boy is in stable condition after he was bitten by a dog Wednesday in East New York.

Authorities say the boy was taken to Bellevue Hospital after a pit bull ran through an apartment window at 905 Belmont Ave. and bit him.

Cassina Smith says she was inside the apartment early Wednesday, when a family friend came to visit accompanied by her children. Smith says that she and her sister were attempting to keep her sister's husband out of the apartment.

"My brother-in-law had his dog and he pushed the air conditioner in and the dog went and ? bit up the baby's face," Smith says.

News 12 Brooklyn has learned that the pit bull bit the visiting little boy on his ear and jaw.

Neighbors say there have been frequent complaints about what they say is a wild dog.

"They're vicious dogs. They're vicious dogs. The ASPCA came over a couple of times," says neighbor Melissa Perez.