BROOKLYN - A goalie at LIU Brooklyn has made a long journey from a horrific injury to a Division I soccer career.

Four years ago, California native Michael Ramsey severely injured his skull when he fell and cracked his head on a curb.  

Doctors put him in a medically induced coma for eight days, and he underwent five surgeries in less than two months -- the last of which required doctors to re-attach his skull.

After that last surgery, he had a massive hemorrhage in his brain's speech center. When he awoke, he was mute.

Ramsey spent months undergoing speech, occupation and physical therapies.

Six months later, though still in recovery, he returned to the soccer field. Ramsey says it took him about a year to get back to the same level of play as before the injury.

"I remember one game when I just knew everything was back to normal, and I took off from there," Ramsey says.

He had college offers from schools near his home in Southern California, but he chose LIU Brooklyn because he'd never been to New York, he says.