BROOKLYN - Students and faculty members at Long Island University in Downtown Brooklyn continued their protest Tuesday, a month after a staff contract dispute and lockout ended.

A group of protesters left the campus around 1:30 p.m. to march toward a board of trustees meeting in midtown Manhattan.

The students want a refund for their tuition covering the first two weeks of the semester -- when school officials locked out teachers during a contract dispute. At the time, News 12 spoke with students who criticized substitutes as inadequate and unqualified.

At some times, they say they had no teachers at all.

They say they were deprived of the education they paid for and want their money back.

The protesters also called for a seat at the board of trustees, restoration of scholarships that have been dropped, and the removal of President Kimberly Cline.

LIU's vice president and COO says the school already has an outreach plan in place to gather student feedback, but did not say whether officials would consider refunding tuition money.