BROOKLYN - Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn are not the only ones trying to keep their memories alive. Those who call themselves second and third generation survivors are also doing what they can to make sure no one ever forgets. 

Lisa Willner, the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, says it's her duty to share her family's stories because so many survivors choose to remain silent. At Edward R. Murrow High School in Midwood, she has set out to teach the lessons she's learned about the painful time in history. 

Willner invited Holocaust educator Felice Cohen to her classroom last May. Cohen is with the nonprofit "3GNY," or Third Generation New York, which is made up of grandchildren of survivors who share their grandparents' stories to students throughout the tri-state area. 

There are approximately 16,000 Holocaust survivors currently living in Brooklyn, but in 10 years, it's estimated that there will only be 10,000 of them. That's why both the survivors and their descendants say they will do what they can to make sure no one's story is lost forever.