BROOKLYN - State Sen. Ruben Diaz got many people, including fellow local politicians, talking on social media after comments he made supporting stop-and-frisk policies.

Brooklyn Council Member Jumaane Williams, the main backer of the bill that ended many stop-and-frisk policies, says Diaz doesn't have all his facts straight.

“For the past 12 years, there's been no causation between the amount of stops and the amount of gun violence,” says Williams.

Bronx City Council Member Fernando Cabrera says stop-and-frisk was getting a very negative reaction from the community and that gun buybacks have been more effective.

Cabrera was one of the backers of the Community Safety Act, which passed last year. The act set up an office of an inspector general to act as a watchdog over the NYPD.

Many News 12 viewers agreed with state Sen. Diaz. When News 12 posted a poll asking whether stop-and-frisk and its old practices should be brought back, an overwhelming 62 percent of participants said yes.