BROOKLYN - A local business says ongoing construction on Third Avenue has driven away most of its customers, leaving the business struggling to make ends meet.

According to Gloria Park, who owns Bagels on 3rd, she was given just one week notice before construction began outside her shop, closing crosswalks and sidewalks at her storefront. Park says customers struggle to get inside the store, and many don?t realize her business is still open during the development.

The state Department of Transportation says the construction in front of Park?s shop is part of an ongoing expansion project to replace the deck on the Gowanus Expressway and add HOV lanes in both directions.

Park says she has lost so much business, she can?t pay her bills. She and her husband are pleading with their landlord to lower the rent.

The DOT says it will hasten construction to finish work by the spring, instead of the summer. They also plan to add more signs to show the public the shop is open during the construction, while working on keeping the sidewalks and street cleaner.