RED HOOK - Over a dozen people are already waiting in line at the new Ikea in Red Hook, even though the store doesn?t open until Wednesday.

The first 35 adults in line at the grand opening will receive a $400 EKTORP sofa. Ikea says the people must remain in line until Wednesday if they want to win the sofa ? a catch that for some is a deal-breaker.

?We?re going someplace else, because Ikea, you?ve left an incredibly, incredibly bad taste in my mouth,? Mark Lightner says. Lightner says Ikea?s circular doesn?t mention that people must wait in line for almost three days to win the free sofa.

For some residents, the wait is not a big deal. ?It?s an opportunity to spend some time with my daughter and do a little concrete camping,? J. Sanchez says.

Locals who aren?t able to make it down to be one of the first 35 needn?t worry. The store staff says the first 2,500 people in the store on opening day could receive gift cards for Ikea furniture. The first 100 people after the initial 35 also have a chance to take home a free armchair.