BROOKLYN - Long Island College Hospital (LICH ) is putting an end to its ambulance services as it continues to be plagued by financial struggles.

In a letter to the hospital staff obtained by News 12, SUNY Downstate officials told workers that the Cobble Hill medical center would no longer accept patients by ambulance because it doesn't have the staff to care for emergencies. The memo also said that the hospital can only stabilize walk-in patients, and that they will be sent elsewhere if additional treatment is needed.

The cash-strapped hospital system shelved plans earlier this year to close LICH following a number of protests. A judge then issued a temporary restraining order to keep its doors open.

A spokesperson for LICH said in a statement, "Our primary concern is always patient care and safety, and our chief medical officer has determined that, given the exodus of doctors and other medical staff from LICH, continuing to send emergency patients there is no longer in the patients' best interest."