BROWNSVILLE - Tenants living at the Marcus Garvey Houses got a welcome surprise Thursday when they looked in their mailboxes.

The tenants living at 10 Amboy St. have not had mail service since January because the post office would not deliver to their location. So tenants have been going to the post office to retrieve their mail, but were suddenly told they could no longer get mail at the post office either.

Post office officials told News 12 that mail could not be delivered to the Marcus Garvey Houses because the mailboxes needed to be fixed. The New York City Housing Authority owns the building, and tenants say their complaints went unanswered.

News 12 contacted NYCHA to find out what was holding up the repairs and that's when tenants found their mailboxes fixed. In a statement, NYCHA said the repairs were already scheduled. 

Whether it was a coincidence or not, residents say they are happy to finally have their mail back.