THE BRONX - A man used a police-only radio transmission to send verbal threats directed at a police captain, according to officials.

Police say the man used the frequency to report that an officer had been shot on Willis Avenue in the Bronx Saturday night.

However, when police got there they say there was no injured officer.

Shortly after police in Manhattan say they began receiving verbal threats over their radios from an unknown man.

The man began taunting police, calling out one officer in particular who is a captain assigned to the midtown south precinct in Manhattan.

Police say the man told the captain, "South city captain to central, remember you put me in jail? I'm out now and I am going to put a bullet in your head. Remember captain, I'm coming for you."

Police say a dispatcher was able to jam the signal and stop the man from communicating with officers. 

Additional security has been placed outside the midtown south precinct in Manhattan, and police say no arrests have been made.