BEDFORD-STUYVESANT - A man was killed by an electrical fire in the Albany Avenue building where he lived, leaving his neighbors worried that a similar fire may occur in their homes.

The victim?s building was under renovation when the blaze, which was caused by an exposed wire, started. Four buildings on the same block ? all owned by the same company ? are also currently in various stages of renovation, leaving wires exposed and outlets uncovered. Neighbors fear the ongoing renovations may mean an electrical fire for them too.

?Regular fires take time,? neighbor Walter Jones says. ?But electrical? It?s like, poof! It?s a dangerous thing.?

Since the fire, people from all four of the buildings undergoing renovations have filed complaints with the Department of Buildings. ?I think everybody should be out of these buildings,? Marjorie Ford, whose building is being renovated, says. ?It would be far?safer for the people.?

Those who filed complaints say they want their buildings inspected before, during and after the renovations in order to prevent another tragedy.

News 12 Brooklyn tried to contact the company that manages the Albany Avenue buildings, but no calls were returned. However, a manager from the construction company working on the buildings promised that all electricity leading to exposed wires has been shut off.