BROOKLYN - The brother of a man killed 25 years ago in the Crown Heights riots returned to New York City Tuesday to honor him.

Norman Rosenbaum says he still remembers the call he received 12,000 miles away in Australia that said his brother, Yankel, was brutally stabbed.

"He resisted violence, he was trying to reason with people," Rosenbaum say. "That was the kind of person he was."

In the summer of 1991, 7-year-old Gavin Cato was struck and killed by a Hasidic driver who lost control of his vehicle. The deadly accident triggered three days of violence, hate and division between the neighborhood's black and Jewish communities.

Rosenbaum says he has moved past the tensions and conflicts of the time.

"It's important that the message of the Crown Heights riots, in the murder of my brother, never be forgotten," he says. "All lives matter and justice most prevail."

Rosenbaum says he wants people to remember his brother as a peace-maker and honor that day to move forward in the community of Crown Heights.

He will also be meeting with the father of Gavin Cato and says he will be returning to Crown Heights to reflect and remember his brother.