BROOKLYN - Police shot a fleeing suspect near an intersection in Bed-Stuy Tuesday morning, according to authorities.

Authorities say the suspect, 36-year-old Javon Shippman, was wanted for felony assault. He allegedly fled police around 9 a.m. as officers were attempting to corner his parked car near a school.

At one point, police say he turned his car in the direction of a detective and drove up the sidewalk. The detective's partner, a plainclothes officer, fired one round toward the vehicle, police say.

The car struck a building wall and the driver allegedly fled to Marcy Avenue. Police caught up with him around Tompkins and Gates avenues and discovered the bullet wound.

They took Shippman to Methodist Hospital in stable condition, where he was treated for a gunshot in his left shoulder.

Community activists are praising police for not killing the suspect. Neighbors are also thankful there weren't any students outside the school.