BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn resident is using a blog to call attention to the perceived dangers of a BQE on-ramp.

Werner Cohn says the stop sign at the BQE Congers Street interchange isn't all that effective. According to Cohn, nobody wants to stop. Cohn says the "t-bone" style merging point is dangerous, and published reports citing 113 accidents at the location between 2005 and 2006 appear to back up his claim. That tally is six times higher than the state average for similar highways.

Cohn says his letters and phone calls to elected officials didn't spark any action. So, he's taken his cause to the Internet in the form of BQE Watch. The blog shows photos of BQE accidents and allows him to vent his frustrations about initiating a fix.

As for an ideal fix, Cohn believes that would come in the form of traffic lights. He says a rebuild would be too costly.

In the meantime, Cohn says drivers can take steps to keep each other safe. He urges all drivers to slow down near the merging area to allow cars to merge safely over. In addition, he says merging cars should stop at the stop sign.

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