BROOKLYN - People who live at Marcus Garvey Village are frustrated due to a power outage.

Tenants said they couldn't use their air conditioning or refrigerators, leaving them uncomfortable and angry. There was also concern because some residents have asthma and couldn't use their nebulizers. 

Lidabell Luna said the rising temperatures triggered her epilepsy. 

"It's triggered with the heat, because when it's hot I come inside and lay down," Luna said. "Next thing you know I have a seizure."

Tenants at Marcus Garvey Village said electricity has been a problem for about five years, but now it's the worst it has ever been.

Power was returned to the building around 7 p.m.  Friday, Aug. 26, according to a representative for C&C Management, the company managing the building.

In a statement, the company said that a minor power outage had affected 30 of the building’s 625 apartments, but power was restored within two hours. Workers later needed to shut down the power again to finalize repairs.