BROOKLYN - Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and the Straphangers Campaign joined forces Monday to rally commuters against MTA fare hikes.

Markowitz handed out fliers at a Brooklyn subway station, urging residents to attend fare increase meetings. Markowitz agrees the agency needs money, but he feels it's unfair to ask commuters to foot the bill.

The MTA is considering hiking single-ride fares to $2.25 and monthly cards to $79. A second plan includes keeping the single-ride fare at $2, but decreasing off-peak rides to $1.50. However, monthly cards would jump to $82.

The transportation agency maintains the increase is needed in the face of looming budget deficits.

"We gotta bail them out every time that they owe money," said straphanger Face Damenance. "So what are they doing at the end of the day with the money they make?"

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