WILLIAMSBURG - Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and local officials are calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to shelve its proposed service cuts, which are expected to deal a crushing blow to Brooklyn straphangers.

One of the neighborhoods that will be hit the hardest if the MTA decides to go forward with the cuts is Williamsburg. Under the proposed plan, the Z line that runs through the area will be eliminated, and local stops will be added to the J line.

?It?s downright discriminatory to impose tolls, increase fares, derail subway service and bring buses to a screeching halt when our borough is already paying its fair share, and then some,? Markowitz says.

The Brooklyn borough president proposed a series of alternative measures to help close the MTA?s $1 billion budget gap, including a lottery to generate money for transportation.

Before voting on the service cuts, MTA officials will review recommendations that will be presented in a special report set to come out in December.