THE BRONX - Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a new paid parental leave policy for non-union city workers Tuesday. 

He says employees will now get paid time off for six weeks for maternity, paternity, adoption and foster care leave.

Parents can even jump up to 12 weeks when combined with existing leave, but workers will have to give back two vacation days and a planned raise to make up the costs. 

De Blasio says, "Too many new parents face an impossible choice: taking care of their child or getting their paycheck. This is a common sense policy that will make for healthier and more financially stable working families."

 President of the United Federation of Teachers Michael Mulgr says “We have been trying for years to interest various city administrations in expanding parental leave, and finally have a willing partner on an issue that is very important to us. We look forward to negotiating with the administration for an appropriate way to extend and expand parental benefits for our members.”

The policy goes into effect Jan. 1