NEW YORK - New traffic enforcement cameras are up and running citywide, ready to catch speedy drivers and send them a ticket.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the speed cameras are part of his new plan called "Vision Zero," which is meant to get drivers to slow down on some of the city's more dangerous streets and make them safer for everyone, particularly pedestrians.

The mayor is also working to lower the speed limit to 20 mph in some areas and install red light cameras wherever data shows that they could help. He added that there have already been 11 traffic related deaths in the city since the start of the new year.

De Blasio says the long-term goal is to improve at least 50 dangerous corridors and intersections each year to eventually eliminate all traffic deaths and injuries by 2024.

The NYPD is doing its part to curb traffic violations on roadways by increasing the number of officers assigned to the highway division.