Mayor Bill de Blasio appoints new team to oversee Sandy recovery efforts

The Red Cross provided nearly 75 volunteers to assist in Saturday's effort. (3/29/14)

BROOKLYN - As efforts to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy continue 17 months after the storm, Mayor Bill de Blasio has appointed a new senior leadership team to oversee the city's recovery.

The mayor says it means that the rebuilding process will pick up speed and more homeowners will get relief.

"More checks will land in people's mail boxes, more hammers will strike nails as more homes are rebuilt and more lives will return to normal," de Blasio said.

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The mayor also said the city will re-allocate $100 million to rebuild homes that were destroyed by the storm.

Laying some of the blame on his predecessor's administration, de Blasio said the city shouldn't waste more time. "After the 17 months that have already happened, we can't let one more month go by without making significant progress," he said.

It comes as good news to hard-hit residents of Canarsie, some of whom are still struggling to rebuild.

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