NEW YORK - (AP) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that while"there seems to be a lot of evidence" of police officers fixingtraffic tickets, he believes it's a problem that has already beencorrected. In his weekly appearance on WOR Radio, the mayor said thatofficials believe any ticket-fixing has been virtually eradicatedsince last year. That's when the NYPD started using a computersystem that tracks each ticket beginning the same day it's issued. The evidence the mayor was referring to was based solely onmedia accounts, spokesman Stu Loeser said later. The case is thesubject of a secret grand jury investigation in the Bronx.Prosecutors, police and the largest union representing officershave declined to comment on the brewing scandal. The longstanding practice came under fire after the NYPD'sInternal Affairs Bureau stumbled across evidence of widespreadfixing in Bronx precincts, law enforcement officials have said. Upto 40 officers are being eyed for possible official misconduct andcriminal charges. Scores more could receive administrativediscipline. A former commanding officer of the NYPD's movie and televisionunit in the 1990s, Milton Maldonado, said Thursday that movie crewsfilming in the city would get dozens of summonses that would betaken to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting to bevoided. Maldonado left years before Mayor Michael Bloomberg'stenure. A mayor's spokesman said during the Bloombergadministration, the film office never intervened to fix a validlyissued ticket.