BROOKLYN - Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to defend the stop-and-frisk policy as an effective crime deterrent after a judge ruled it violated the constitution.

At a news conference, the mayor did not hold back his feelings about the judge’s decision to appoint an independent monitor to oversee the controversial program.

"Throughout the case, we didn't believe that we were getting a fair trial and this decision confirms that suspicion,” said Bloomberg. “She conveyed a disturbing disregard for the good intentions of our police officers. She ignored the real world realities of crime. Personally, I would rather have Ray Kelly decide how to keep my family safe then somebody who's just in the streets.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also expressed his objection to the judge’s decision.

"What I find most disturbing and offensive about this decision is the notion that the NYPD engages in racial profiling,” said Kelly.

An attorney for Bloomberg and Kelly says they are waiting for the appropriate time to file an appeal.