BROOKLYN - For the second day in a row, Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with Republican state senators over the state's gay marriage bill. The bill was approved yesterday by the state Assembly, and is expected to be voted on in the Senate within the next week.

Bloomberg said he told the Republican senators in Albany that gay marriage was the next legal prohibition to be overcome and added that it would be an important moment in history for everyone.

"Ten, or 20, or 30 years from now, each of us will look back at only a handful of moments that defined our careers in public service. I think this is one of those moments," said Bloomberg.

Democratic state Sen. Carl Kruger, who initially opposed the bill, changed positions and says he will vote in favor of the bill. Some constituents say they feel his change of heart came about after the FBI alleged in March that he had taken business bribes and hinted that he had a gay lover.

Politics slows gay marriage vote in New York