BROOKLYN - Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered an across-the-board hiring freeze in an effort to close New York City's budget gap.

The mayor sent a memorandum today to all city agency heads, instructing them to take action in order to maintain a balanced budget for the current fiscal year and close next year's gap, which is projected to be at more than $3 billion.

Each agency has been ordered to turn in proposals for cuts by Oct. 8. Nearly all hiring will remain frozen until the Office of Management and Budget approves each plan.

The mayor wants to save $800 million in fiscal year 2011, which calls for 2.7 percent in cuts for uniformed forces and the Department of Education, and more than 5 percent for all other agencies.

For fiscal year 2012, which starts next summer, Bloomberg wants to save more than $1 billion, which translates into 4 percent in cuts for uniformed forces and the DOE, and 8 percent for everyone else.

Mayor's Management Report