CONEY ISLAND - Coney Island was the site of a "Seinfeld" celebration Saturday night.

The Cyclones held "Seinfeld Night" for more than 8,000 fans at MCU Park, renamed Vandelay Industries Park for the evening.

There were a variety of contests for fans, including an Elaine dance-off, a cereal-eating competiton and who could eat a candy bar with a knife and fork the fastest.

The Cyclones players took batting practice in "puffy shirts" similar to the one worn by Jerry Seinfeld in the classic episode, "The Puffy Shirt."

Celebrites on hand included Larry Thomas, the actor who played the Soup Nazi, and the "real" Kramer, Kenny Kramer.

The first 3,000 fans also received a Keith Hernandez bobblehead, inspired by the former Met's appearance on the show, which debuted 25 years ago Saturday night.