MIDWOOD - Midwood tenants are livid after they say their building has been without heat all this month.

The residents are especially concerned about what will happen this weekend, with high winds, cold rain and possibly snow predicted for Saturday.

According to city law, landlords must keep their buildings at 68 degrees during the day if the outside temperature drops below 55 degrees. At night, the temperature in the building must be 55 degrees if outside drops below 40 degrees.

Residents say that law isn't being met, especially this morning. The temperature hovered in the 30s this morning and inside the building it was not much better, according to resident Alexandra Press. Press says her heat hasn't been on in her apartment all month. Oct. 1 is the city's mandated heat season.

SU Bridge, the management company, says that the heat in all of the buildings it owns is controlled by computers. It also states that the heat in that specific building was set to 70 degrees.

The Department of Housing Preservation says that there have been at least 10 3-1-1 complaints this past week. An official says it will be sending inspectors to the building to check things out.