BROOKLYN - Residents in Midwood say crews came to their area to install gas lines, but left their street a mess.

Uneven sidewalks, missing street signs, dust, dirt, gravel and potholes are what remains on East Second Street after the work was performed, residents say. They say KeySpan and Hallen Construction installed the new gas pipes about two months ago and left the mess behind.

Neighbors say the conditions have created a safety hazard in the area, particular for the children on the block. One resident says he believes his 5-year-old daughter's asthma has flared up due to all of the dust on the street.

Many residents say they haven't seen construction crews around in months.

News 12 reached out to both construction companies for comment, but has yet to hear back. News 12 did speak to National Grid, and was told that the work is being performed by a subcontractor, and that National Grid crews are not doing any work at the location.